About Me
Welcome to a party favor!​ I'm Kayla and I live in North Texas with my amazing hubby, Darin, and our beautiful daughter, Addison.  I have enjoyed creative hobbies such as scrapbooking and card making for years.  After our daughter was born, I decided to give up my elementary teaching position to stay at home with our cutie patootie.  I was desperate for a creative project as I began planning her first birthday party.  That's when I found a new and exciting creative outlet!  Each year, I kept adding more details to her parties.  Yes, it was true, I was a little obsessed and went overboard on more than one occasion!  Okay...maybe I still am and still do, but it is So. Much. Fun. *squeal*!  

My family and friends took notice of my new love (ahem...obsession) for party planning and began asking for my help...and by asking for my help I really mean they began asking me to do them "favors" with their own special occasions.  I was as addicted to party planning as I am to my Diet Coke, to chocolate, and to my e-reader (not in any specific order although all at once is actually preferred)!  So, of course, I said YES!  Before I knew it, I was staying busy working on these little favors.  Finally, after the encouragement from an incredibly supportive husband and from the fun loving family and friends who I have had the honor of creating for, I opened  a party favor!​

I've made some exciting changes, and I'm working on more collections.  Take a look around the website to see all the fun things I've been working on!